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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 6, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hi, everyone. the "news nation" is following what appears to be another public split between john boehner and eric kantor over immigration reform at this time. in his weekly conference, house speaker boehner refused to endorse the receipt support of giving immigrant children a pathway to citizenship. >> i top the do everything i can to foster this continuing conversation in a bipartisan fashion to deal with what is say very difficult issue in our country. it is worthy of consideration. >> in a speech yesterday, kantor endorsed the dream act that he voted against in 2010. >> one of the great founding
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principals of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents. it is time to provide an opportunity for legal residents and citizenship for those who are brought to this country as children and know no other home. >> the last time the pair split over the fiscal cliff deal, kantor voted against it and even more significant because it involves outreach for a key voting brought. we know the republicans want to bring into the foelld. kelly, it is fair to say speaker boehner praised eric kantor's speech yesterday. is this a tactical move or a real split on the dream act specifically? >> some may view it and say this is a split. you can also analyze it and say speaker boehner is trying to be gentle in new territory for the
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republicans as there were prominent voices. senator marco rubio trying to move that forward on immigration and for them what has been a difficult issue. for baner to put his stamp of approval on any one element of immigration could have unintended consequences and drive the more conservative members away and could attract more attention at a time when delicate conversations are going on. you can judge it in two ways. look at it in face value and say they are not sounding the same note and see a longer strategy for not wanting to mess things up if in fact there is a chance for real progress on some sort of a comprehensive package. one of the problems with something like the dream act that is a term for giving a path to citizenship for the children who were brought here by parent who is came illegally, that might be one piece that people can agree on and they want to
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resolve some of the other issues like border security and not giving incentives for people to come and look for what that buzzword amnesty can be. it is the politics of the moment to give a green light to talk more openly about changes and the republican view on immigration and a yellow light to give a cautious tone to not get in the way of what may be real movement. >> i'm curious. wouldn't kantor give boehner coverage if we are talking about the more conservative members of the party who are less likely to support the dream act and see it as amnesty, having kantor appeal to the people far more so than speaker boehner has. wouldn't that give speaker boehner coverage to support something like a dream act? >> they don't do things separate from each other. boehner is certainly supportive of what kantor was trying to do without reaching on the issues of great domestic concern.
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at one conference on one day, it may not be what he wants to make news on. >> absolutely right. one day does not make a trend, but it's worth watching. thank you very much. now to the slugfest over the sequester. president obama returned to the white house a short time ago after meeting with democrats to discuss how to reduce the debt and replace the spending cuts set to take effect 23 days from now. democrats are focused on revenue to replace it, but politico called that plan doa on the hill. >> the american people believe that the tax question has been settled. they know the president called for a balanced approach to the debt. and they know he got his revenue. >> you see the republicans playing games with the budget. give new meaning to the term
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march madness because that's what will result if we have to face a sequester. it's a very bad idea. a sequester should be out of the question. >> two republican congress mens are backing the president's plan. tom rooney of florida said i think any alternative is allowing the sequester to take effect. rob bishop said the postponing is better than the implementation and the cuts. cnbc contributor, also a columnist for reuters, i will start off with you on this one. i am sizing up from speaker boehner and nancy pelosi. the language and the tone and how do you assess where things were 23 days out? >> right. you would be hard pressed to find a member who wants the sequester to go through.
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in the defense industry with representative rooney and that's a big industry in florida. no one wants this to happen, but when you look at the alternatives, house republicans are not very optimistic that they can feel comfortable voting for given the president only wants to have a package that includes spending increases or tax hikes. >> let me play what was said regarding the tax revenue idea. let's take a listen, please. >> his first answer to everything is new taxes. when you think about it, what happened in january? he got $600 billion in new revenue with the spending cuts and now again he wants to raise taxes. it's time for us to cut spending. >> combine that with what boehner said. the tax question has been resolved or answered. how do you reply to the republican who is said the democrats are trying to get more of your money to solve a problem that washington continues to
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create. >> the problem has been created by both sides, but to solve it you need a balanced approach. when you are talking about the cuts, if you want them to go into effect and the republicans are moving down that road because they believe mistakenly that the consequences are not going to be as bad as they think. the reality is when people see the cuts and the job losses hit the states and the districts, there is going to be an uproar. let's try to figure out another balanced approach. >> i apologize. president obama. sally jewel is about to replace ken salazar. >> other members of my cabinet may not agree with that statement, but you can see where he's coming from. the secretary of the interior is in charge of overseeing 500 million acres in places like
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yellowstone and the grand canyon and protecting our natural heritage for our children and our grandchildren and their children to come. the job also requires keeping an eye on america's future and making smart decisions about how businesses grow and put ourselves on a path towards energy independence. that's not always an easy balancing act. but with enthusiasm and skill and dedication, that's exactly what ken salazar has done over the last four years. we were just reminiscing a little bit. i have known ken since we were running for the senate together and became the only two incoming democrats in our senate class. pete remembers this. it was a lonely time. we actually lived in the same building when we first arrived in washington.
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you will recall it was discouraging because everyone else who lived there was 20 or 25. we were the two geriatrics in the building. i came to appreciate quickly not just his friendship which if you have ken salazar as a friend, you have a real friend. i came to appreciate his jump shot, he is quick on the court. also his patriotism and belief that we have a responsibility to care for the land with which we have been blessed. it's not surprising that ken feels this way. his ancestors were here before the may flour set sail as he explains it and relative that we are working to get immigration reform passed. his family did not cross the border. the border crossed them. that's why when i needed
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somebody to lead the interior, i didn't have to look far. he cracked down on waste and improved the management of the department to make it work better for the american people and ushered in an era of conservation for land, water, and wildlife and established seven new parks and ten new national wildlife refuges and opened more public land and water for safe and responsible energy production and not just gas and oil, but wind and solar, creating thousands of new jobs and nearly doubling the use of renewable energy in this country. he helped to forge what is probably the strongest working relationship with tribal leaders that the federal government has seen in modern times. when the unexpected happened like the gulf oil spill or turn sandy, he has been on the ground making sure that peel get help.
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i like ken salazar if you haven't gotten the point. ken is now ready to head back to colorado and spend more time with hope and his family. in addition saying thank you, ken is also going to have the opportunity to introduce his successor. i am extraordinarily proud to nominate another strong and capable leader to take the reigns at interior and that is ms. sally jewell. in high school her aptitude test showed she had a knack for reasoning and spatial ability. we do thorough vetting before nominations.
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her recommended profession would be to be a nurse or a teacher. it wasn't until she was an under graduate at the university of washington studying to be a dentist when she realized her boyfriend's homework was more interesting than hers and she decided to be an engineer. she went on to work in the oil fields of oklahoma and colorado. later she brought her experience to banking where she spent 19 years what makes companies succeed and fail. and the ceo of rei. she helped turn the retailer into the most successful and environmentally and almost four million to protect trails and parks. so even as sally spent majority
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of her career outside of washington or the majority of our interior is located. she is san expert on what shapes our future and committed to building our nation to nation relationship with indian country. she knows the link between conservation and good jobs and knows there is no contradiction between being good stewards of the land and economic progress and those two things need to go hand in hand. sally brought expertise and a set of values. we know they will serve her well as she takes on the challenges. they enjoy the great outdoors and they have's vested interest in making sure the department is doing the right thing. when sally is confirmed i will
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be willing to bet she will be the first who hikes in her native washington state and it's not something i think of doing. it seems like it would be cold. and i was born in hawaii. for sally the toughest part is sitting behind a desk that they want to get out of the office quite a bit again, i want to thank ken salazar and the family for their extraordinary service and friendship. and the country is stronger. or natural resources are in a better place because of his service. i could not be more thrilled with the work sally will do to
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fall in the path that ken has carved. i expect thes en eat to confirm her as quickly as possible. with that i would like to invite both of them to say a few words starting with my dear friend, ken salazar. >> thank you, mr. president. >> let me just first of all say to president obama that i am humbled and honored beyond imagination to have been a part of the president obama dream team for the united states of america. his presidency is historic. his team in the white house is historic.
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the team at the department of interior are historic and for that i will be internally great 68 to you, my wonderful friend, mr. president. with your leadership and support and this wonderful team that we have here, we have in fact changed the way that the department of interior does business. we seized the opportunity together with our other colleagues on the cabinet and the president's leader should be and your staff at the white house to put the nation on a path. the largest solar projects in the history of the world are coming up out of the deserts of the public lands in the united states and our foreign oil imports are at the lowest they have been since 1995.
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i am proud of your team. because of your leadership from support and the signing of the historic 2009 public lands act to the launch of america's great outdoors, together we ushered in a 21st century conservation agenda and preserved the crown jewels of our nation. to the florida everglades and the statue of liberty. perhaps more proud than almost anything else. for the nation's first americas. for resolving the conflicts to delivering clean drinking water to the places like the navajo nation. you have given credibility, mr. president, to the proposition that the nation's first americans too will share in the american dream. mr. president, my parents pushed their eight children to become first generation college graduates and taught us that
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anything was possible in this nation of ours. as your secretary of interior, you have given to me the opportunity to prove them right and achieve that american dream. for that, hope, my wife and my family will be eternally grateful to you. i am proud to stand with you here as you announce your selection of an outstanding person to be your nominee for secretary of interior. sally jewell knows the link between conservation and the economy. sally was a key contributor to you and to your entire team in the creation of the americas great outdoors agenda. she has been a champion of the land and the water conservation issues of our time. we know her successful business record and engineer will serve her well as she implements the
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all of the above energy agenda which has been a keystone to you over the last four years and i'm sure you will have more to say about that soon. i believe as you have done with all the decisions that you have made since i have been working with you on your team, this is a stellar decision and you have chosen somebody who will be a stellar outstanding secretary of the interior. sally jewell. [ applause ] thank you, mr. president for your kind words and for the confidence you placed in me with this nomination. i have a great job at rei today,
11:21 am
but there is no role that compares to the call to serve my country as the secretary of the department of interior. i am humbled and energized by the opportunity and looking forward to getting new members of the senate as they consider my nomination in the coming weeks. thank you, secretary salazar for the opportunities you have given to people across this country to engage with the department of interior, sharing their hopes and dreams for the public lands and resources and especially the first people. the history and the culture. i look forward to working with the dedicated employees and interior who worked so hard to care for our land and our resources every day. i will do my best to fill the big boots of yours. i may get lost in your hat. thank you, warren. my husband of nearly 35 years and two children, peter and ann for their love and their support
11:22 am
on this career journey. i'm excited to take this new challenge. thank you. >> you are going to be great. [ applause ] >> president obama introducing his nominee for the secretary of interior. sally jewell is the head of rei recreational instrument incorporated. what make this is unusual is usually this is a position or post that goes to career politicians from out west similar to ken salazar, the prior secretary of interior. as we see it, the president nominating a woman to his cabinet to head the interior department. new information this hour to why the enjoy r boy skous of america may have decided to wait until may to vote on whether to lift the ban on gay members and scout leaders. the decision was expected to come down in a statement.
11:23 am
after careful considerationy ing in the family along with comments on the outside of the organization, the boy scouts on the board concluded that due to the complexity of the issue, the organization needs time for deliberate review on the policy. all of this happening as a poll shows the majority of americans, 55% think the boy scouts should drop their policy on gay numbers and 33% believe it should remain. the boy scoutmaster who took the issue to the supreme court and he declared he was gay and told he was no longer welcome. they said they had the right to exclude gays. let me get your reaction to the news. we were expecting this to come down and reports indicated the scouts would vote in favor of this decision and here we are. what do you make of the decision? >> it's upsetting that the boy scouts delay the inevitable of
11:24 am
removing this toxic policy of discriminating against gay kids. if they end the ban once and for all, that's 8 great thing. >> the delay according to the organization was a result of the comments of those outside the organization. do you believe the comments that are weighing heavily on the scouts is one, for example, your point of view or do you believe people like rick santorum. wednesday's vote say challenge to the scouts's very nature and another attempt of the left to remove god in the mind of the intolerant liberal mind that must be forced to conform. do you believe your voice is being considered or rick santorum and other who is agree with him. >> i think it's the voice of the 21% of the boy scouts that exited the organization over the past 13 years. that's the voice. the voice of the president of the united states of america on sunday. i think the boy scouts are going
11:25 am
to do what's right and come down and decide this policy does not work for gay youth. >> they want more deliberate review of the membership policy. what do you believe that means? >> this sounds like the don't ask don't tell policy in the military in the 90s. it took them 15, 16 years to overturn that policy. there is a tremendous amount of damage done during that time. the don't ask don't tell policy was dropped and it's a nonissue. once they stop being so fearful, they will realize this policy is only hurting them. >> i want to read what the southern baptist convention had to say. what they said to us and other religious leaders is they are doing this under pressure. we are going to give people what basically amounts to local option. you can't have a local option of a core conviction. back to the question regarding this statement saying that they have decided to listen to comments from those outside the
11:26 am
organization. do you believe folks like richard land and rick santorum are among those that the scouts are weighing what they said? they put that in there for a reason. they arelistening to people outside of the organization. >> those are right wing fringe groups. they are listening to the moms and dads and volunteer scoutmasters and kids in scouting that think discrimination is wrong and they know the damage being done. i don't think it's about the talking head right wingers, but real americans. >> do you have a timeline or information regarding when the scouts may make this move and have they offered to hear from someone like yourself as they say they will deliberately take a review of the membership policy? >> i would welcome a discussion and a conversation with the boy scouts of america on highway to end the policy that is hurting children both gay and non-gay. i have not heard from them and the boy scouts of america since
11:27 am
i was expelled at the age of 19 in 1990. >> you are such a significant part of the story. greatly appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> there is a new ally in the fight for immigration reform. the christian right. politico reports christian conservatives are bringing into action, bringing the message to the congregations regarding immigration reform. will it impact ow some republicans who voted against reform in the past, how they vote now. i will talk to anna palmer who wrote the article and ashley judd, the actress has not announced she is running for the senate, but that has not stopped karl rove's super pac from taking on ashley judd. >> ashley judd, an obama following radical liberal. who is right at home in tennessee. i mean kentucky.
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hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location. welcome back. new revelations about the obama administration's controversial use of drone strikes are expected to be central topic in the confirmation hearing for tomorrow. they obtained and argue that government can kill americans believed to be top al qaeda leader who is pose an imminent threat to the united states. the senator hinned at a possible filibuster of the confirmation saying he will pull out all the stops to get the analysis. house intelligence chairman told andrea mitchell he is behind the program. >> the legal basis of this goes back many, many years.
11:32 am
what they were saying is once you made that choice, you no longer get the protects you would. if you joined the enemy overseas, you joined the enemy. >> joining me live, editor do min coe, you noted that this may actually be an issue of more democrats coming out and expressing their dissatisfaction with the drone program and that was earlier saying he is completely fine with the program. >> right. you heard them earlier today say at the democratic retreat in annapolis he would keep all options on the table about what to do about the nomination. that would entered a filibuster. he wants all the documents to be presented. one senator can't hold up a nomination. it's like a bluff. you have to say you have enough votes to filibuster this. it's not that it's clear that's
11:33 am
the case, but he will get a lot of tough questions on this. >> most of those, are we expecting them to come from democrats? >> yeah. the only statement from a republican i had seen walling for more do you means was on john on the did you dishiary committee that will be questioning him. you may see a couple of republicans get in on this to ask questions on it. democrats, some democrats are concerned that they wonder what kind of precedent it could set in the future. they are not worried about president obama and another president could do or how to change this. there is a lot of that is coming from the left. >> as far as the tone tomorrow and what we really can expect to see, how much of the conversation do you believe will be dominated by the drone topic? i ask that because as note and
11:34 am
we discussed this yesterday regarding the first read team's analys analysis, you have the public divide and you say these are bad guys and this is what happened. how will that dominate some of the rhetoric that we often see in these hearings from lawmakers who know they are on camera and know the constituents are watching. >> there is a lot of lawmakers who are going to have the questions in the back of their mind. there was a poll conducted by "the washington post" and abc show being 83% of people approved of the use of drones as long as it is done overseas and more concerns about the program for privacy if this was used for catching people who speed or to track criminals. they don't want to see that used within the united states. there could be some of that. the other question that john will have to be asked about is the use of torture. remember in 2009, he was rumored to be the top pick back then and
11:35 am
subt scuttled because of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques as the bush administration called it. what he knew about that. that will also be a dominant factor. >> the hearing is set to start around 2:30 in the middle of "news nation." we will carry it for you. thank you. good to see you. there is a lot going on today. here are things we just thought you should know. actress ashley judd has not officially decided to run for senate, but she is being targeted by karl rove. and by rove super pac is hitting the air in kentucky. >> a leader who knows how to follow am. >> i will go wherever the president wants me to go. >> she will never forget where she came from. >> it clicked. tennessee is home. it just clicked.
11:36 am
>> kentucky -- >> is home. >> florida governor rick scott is preparing for the most expensive reelection in history. scott is prepared to spent, listen to this, $100 million in 2014. scott is fighting low approval ratings and possible run by former governor charlie crist. the freshman class of the 113th congress wants to get the new session off on the right foot to encourage more bipartisanship. president of the classes say they are going bowling together. the texas representative said he is in on the challenge and modestly challenges to bowl a solid 100. we will see. the former secretary is planning to write a book. he will be meeting with publishers with an eye for publication next year. those are the things we thought
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. immigration reform has an unlikely new ally. the christian right. they write christian conservatives who stayed on the sidelines or oppose reform out right sprung into action for the cause. they changed the dynamics so much so that republicans anxious to vote yes on a deal might have the political cover to do it. at the top of the hour, we told you about what seems to be the appearance of a divide among the top house leaders. splitting with eric kantor support for a pathway to full citizenship for children of undocumented imgrants. 49% of americans approve of the president's handling of immigration, an 11-point boost from july. joining me is anna palmer, the writer of the article. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me.
11:41 am
>> explain why the christian right now especially those who are silent and sat on the sidelines while the debate went on and watched the primary deal with the issue, why now? >> it's two-fold. one is an interesting thing. the religious right has a very big agreeing footprint of hispanics and latinos who are a future of that church. when they look to how to grow the membership, they see the spanish and latino immigrants as a driver for that. the other thing is you see a real education that has gone on by some of the group to try to get more people on board and the big names like focus on the family and freedom and faith coalition came out in support of it. you will get the big names that come out and try to get it across the finish line. >> you can't see the bottom of our screen, but the what would jesus do. i feel the need to explain it. some of these people who are
11:42 am
pastors have even told their congregation to go to the bible and read scriptures related to jesus and immigration. >> it's gone beyond just the people behind the pulpit. the pastors are taking it to the pews and they have a 40-day prayer where they are asking the parishioners to read about the immigrant as part of the bible. it's called i'm a strangerer. there is a definite education curve and they focus on states like arizona, california, colorado that could give cover to members who would potentially be nervous about-facing an up tick against them if they support immigration reform. >> it's interesting because the bible hasn't changed for a very, very long time. these are people saying go to the bible as a difference point on how to treat people who are in this country illegally. do they feel that the voices would be drowned out in the last election in the last primary? why do they feel the courage
11:43 am
now. the bible has not changed. >> i focus on the family. one group that never waded into this before. they focus on gay marriage and family and those issues. they said to me that the reason why they are going so vocally about this and speaking to the broadcast, millions of evangelical, the dynamic is different and they feel like they can make a push on this and they want to put their full weight behind it. >> with the idea that then the people in the south or wherever they will put pressure on i'm assuming house republicans and those who are still resistant to any immigration reform or who see it as amnesty whether it's a tactical move or divide. a different warn coming from boehner and kantor. >> i spoke with the pastors up here. they want to have as many calls or more coming into these offices, supportive of
11:44 am
immigration reform so that republicans in the south that are on the fence on these issues can say hey, i'm hearing for many of my constituents that are in support of this and not hear from the imagainst immigration. >> a great article. thank you very much for talking to us about it. up next, new details on president obama's trip to israel this spring. will the visit jump-start mideast peace talks. bobby gauche will join us live. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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all stations come over toennis ] mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. new details on president obama's visit to israel. sources are saying the trip would happen in mid-march. the white house confirmed that the president will visit jordan and the west bank. u.s. ambassador to israel said the president has an urgent agenda for the trip and focus bloody civil war in syria.
11:48 am
many exec he will also seek a resumption of peace talks between israelas and palestinians. there unconfirmed reports that efforts are under way to host a summit between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president abbas. the time mag gene editor at large, bobby gauche. >> two election and it is dynamic changed completely. as opposed to last fall, president obama is greatly empowered by a great victory. netanyahu is weakened boy a small victory. the shoe is on the other foot and can be more forceful about which will strengthen his hand. he made it his first trip and a big priority and the message is very clear. >> this is the first trip during his presidency.
11:49 am
back to how he is stronger and what we might see here, what are the realistic expectations knowing the factors you laid out for both men? >> it would appear not only is he going to israel, but also jordan and the palestinian territories. he wants to take ownership of that peace process. we saw to the end of his term he was backing off of that, allowing the europeans to do the running. now he is saying the white house or the united states is once again suggesting he will take ownership of that process and trying to drive people together. the details are both being revealed, but we know what the outline of what any peace accord has to be. it's a question of how much political capital an american president is willing to invest. he is willing to invest a lot. >> back to the mind set, much has been written and said about the relationship or lack there of with this president.
11:50 am
we saw perhaps the expectration that romney might come out victorious and he did not. what do you believe the tone will be from netanyahu, the man who as the headlines were, he scorned or was aggressive with the president during the news conference they held not long ago. >> he is always more aggressive than when he is not. it's hard to tell the difference. i'm not expecting a huge change in tone, but before the trip, you will hear a lot of senior officials taking a more conciliatory tone and being open to a new initiative promoted by the american president and to try to get the peace process going again. this is hard to prepredict, but whether he likes it or not, water has flown and he will find himself in that situation.
11:51 am
>> up next, that was the face that you tweeted out to. what is your reaction to the announcement that the post office plans to stop saturday mail delivery. does it matter to you? it's our gut check. you can join the "news nation" on facebook."news nation."
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find our twitter page at tamron hall. time for the "news nation" gut check. after losing $16 billion, the u.s. postal service announced plans to stop saturday mail delivery by august, but package deliveries would continue six days a week. the postal service said the plan would save about $2 billion a year. it's unclear whether the plan needs congressional approval. some democrats are upset, insisting it needs congressional approval. darrell issa and tom coburn called it common sense reform. they moved to prohibit five-day a week delivery. what does your gut tell you? does it matter if you get your mail on saturdays. go to to cast a vote. after joke being his weight on david letterman's show, chris
11:56 am
christie told reporters at a news conference yesterday "of course i care about it and i'm making the best effort i can." the potential presidential candidate insisted he is remarkably healthy woochlty asked was it a good idea for him to joke about his weight and 84% said yes. 16% said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thanks for joining us and see you tomorrow on news nation. the senate will hold a hearing for john brennan and carry that live coverage beginning around 2:30. we will see you then. the cycle is up next. (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it!
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